Wednesday, October 29, 2008

End Of The Road For Alsin

All good things mus come to an end. It saddens me to report that yesterday at an official fan meet Alsin said their goodbyes. According to articles in Daum, Newsen And DC inside their last episode will be aired in approximately 3 weeks. I personally feel that they still had much to do and it is so sudden. I hope that everything goes well for them and are succesfull in whatever they decide to do after the show ends. Farewell Alsin!

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Witchtwitch09 said...

when i saw this news this morning, i felt really sad.. this is the couple who made me cry for the very first time in the show and got me addicted to Hua Bun.. :) even though they have left the show, i believe that all the exchanges we saw between the 2 of them are true.. and they will be happy even if they leave the show. Bless them..:)