Tuesday, October 28, 2008

**SPOILERS** From our Everland Episode!!!

Haha.. imagine having spoilers as our cave's first post.. but i guess these spoilers are gonna make lots of cavewomen happy so here i go...

1) As JoongBo entered the amusement park, they were talking about the safari in the park and how they can see lots of animals like lions and bears etc. HJ then said that they can feed them bread and the animals will stand up and receive the food. HB asked why does she feel that HJ is blowing the trumpet whenever he says something like that?

2) At the snack bar, HB wanted to eat beads ice cream, but HJ wanted to eat something else. So HB told him that they will pay for their own food then. HJ then said that he has no money, and HB said he's lying. HJ said he only had his handphone with him at that time, and he asked her to check if she did not believe him. So HB went ahead and digged HJ's pockets!!!!!! *OMG!!!!*

3) They had a bet.. and HB lost. They moved on to the scrapped ice stall (i think it's a kind of dessert) and HB asked what flavour HJ wanted for his ice.. HB went on to say that "I want... grape!" At the same time, HJ also shouted "grape!" and they both had the same expression of disbelief... (remember the 100th day photoshoot ep when they both shouted the same numbers for the gowns? that's the expression!!!!) *if anyone tells me these 2 are not connected spiritually..i will &%#@%!*

4) HB was teasing HJ about how he always has an empty look on his face (zoned out look?) and said "this expression of yours, pretending not to know anything.." HJ then said "I cannot do anything alone.. after meeting Buin I really changed alot."

Yippee!! the first post is done.. i'm glad i kicked off my posting with love!!! omo omo digging pockets... omo omo!!!

Witchtwitch09 (red is always my colour!!!)


livelyf2dmax said...


digging pockets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*doin cartwheels of happiness

I am seriously going crazy here.

Tnx for the spoilers witchtwitch!

chonsa said...

Muahahaha!!! Go Go witch007!!!

sharry said...

What! How come Lynn found this?? someone will have a fit! lol thanxs for this unnie. Joongbo makes me smile