Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pics of F4 in Korean Hana Yori Dango

Just found these pics of F4 in the chi site.. haha.. cant help laughing when i saw Domyouji's curly hair.. and the boys look good.. of cos, i'm biased.. Hyun Joong seems to really fit Rui's Role and he looks gorgeous.. :)




Akira (thanks for the advice chonsa!!! you know i love you!!! :p)

so looking forward to this drama!!! Love HJ here..his blank look feels so familiar..:)

oh i think i didnt tell cavewomen before, whenever i watch HYD, my secret crush is always Soujiro..guess i couldnt get over how he always goes to Yuki's (Makino's galfren) rescue when she's in trouble.. can i wish for them to have a good ending in the korean version???? :p

Credits: Pls see Logo on pics, Ssangchu Island Baidu Bar

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